Birthday party! 18+

celebrate your birthday at jade pottery (18+)

Looking for a unique and creative way to celebrate your birthday? Look no further than Jade Pottery! Our pottery painting parties are the perfect way to have a memorable and fun-filled celebration. And guess what? You get to choose pottery from our entire studio selection!

But hold on, our pottery painting parties aren't just for adult birthdays. They can be chosen for other ages too! The main difference between the packages is the pottery selection. So whether you're turning 5 or 55, we've got you covered!

How Our Pottery Painting Parties Work

Arrive 5-15 minutes early and let your creativity run wild! Decorate the party area however you'd like. Feel free to bring any table decorations to make it extra special. Just remember, no pinatas (they're not pottery friendly) or confetti (haha, we don't want to spend hours cleaning it up)!

Here's what you can expect during our pottery painting parties:

  • Up to 2 hours of party time fun! That's plenty of time to unleash your inner artist and create a masterpiece.
  • We can supply a tablecloth to make the party area look festive, or you can bring your own if you have a specific theme in mind.
  • A  host will be there to assist you every step of the way. Need some guidance or inspiration? Just ask! Want to do your own thing? That's cool too. We're here to make your party as enjoyable as possible.

So why settle for a boring birthday party when you can have a jade pottery painting party? It's a unique and creative way to celebrate, and you'll have a one-of-a-kind pottery piece to remember the occasion. Book your party with us today and let the fun begin!


cost & what you need to bring:

- $25 party fee is required at time of booking
- the birthday honoree will get their pottery discounted the percentage of their age 
(at least 20% :)
-each party guest may choose their own pottery to paint and will receive a 10% 
if the birthday celebrant is a vip, they will receive an extra 10% off their piece & every guest at the party will receive 15% off!

- bring your own cake, cake supplies & drinks - byob - oh yeah!!! also, feel free to bring food - we are cool with whatever you'd like to serve, as long as you share, lol. 

our max number of painters for a birthday party is 25

gratuity - don’t forget to take care of your hostess when you check out!

(let us know when you arrive how you'd like to handle the payment of your party - some adult parties pay individually & some are paid in full by one guest, we can figure it however you'd like)


everything is the same as pottery parties except the guests do not receive a discount (unless they are a VIP - then they get the standard 10% off)

Birthday Person gets their age off of their sign (at least 20% off) maximum sign painters at a party is 16

SIGNS TAKE UP TO 3 weeks to order (plan accordingly)